Portable structured water - water memory

The i9 Bottle positively affects our body by way of chromotherapy and TP technology, which is the heart of the bottle. Chromotherapy works through various spectrums of light, with the objective of healing our body as a whole, wherein every color touches on the physical, cognitive, emotional or spiritual part of who we are. TP technology uses a microcosmic energy symbol--the spring of information--to positively affect the water, in terms of its structure and information properties, and our body, as a result.

i9Living - portable structured water

The energy symbol derives from a "magic life" protective form, and is enhanced by a precise selection of information (vibrations) in the form of information codes. Moreover, an orgone emitters in a Poznik lab inscribes the energy symbol, in addition to information, with a frequency for stabilization, activation and information transfer by way of emit information. Bottled water subsequently contains all the qualities equal to those found in the healthiest living water, fortified with the additional information in support of an active and healthy life. The bands on the bottle, that come in different chakra colors, further allow the consumer to use their potential to the fullest. This harmonized bottle can be used by everyone who is proactive about improving and maintaining their level of health and well-being.

Thanks to this innovative approach, we are able to fine-tune and balance all the beneficial vibrations needed by our body, in any given moment. 

Memory usage: real: 2097152, emalloc: 5247960
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