i9 Informed water bottle

Water is the driving force of nature.

A distinguished physicist and scientist Dr. Yuri Yatsko explains: it is possible to record information and transfer it to another object. The technology enabling this is not new; it was developed in the previous century. It uses a device called a chembuster, which can transfer information without limitations. It can be used for transferring thoughts, wishes and even the efficacy of medicine.

In layman’s terms – an informed product is a product with added information that has a positive impact on living organisms.

At the heart of the i9 bottle is a unique TP tag enriched with carefully selected numerical codes. The codes are transferred to the information tag via chembusters or emitters. The i9 informed water bottle influence on water and reinstate its natural properties. It does so by adding energy potential (producing structured water) and cleansing information retained by contaminants. 

The i9 Bottle positively affects our general wellbeing by helping increase vitality and balance personal energy levels by way of chromotherapy and TP technology. Based on numerous tests, drinking water from i9 informed bottle shows a substantial increase in human bio-field, decrease in stress factor and considerably reduced water genotoxicity. Informed water also positively affects on animals and plants.

i9 Keeps your water Alive

The Technology of informing (Poznik TP) inhibits harmul influences from environment, such as exposure to magnetism, electrical current, mobile radiation, various negative vibrations, and similar. A series of tests have demonstrated that specific codes of information neutralize negative influences by continously interacting with the content of the bottle. This is true even of items beings scanned by the red laser devices at shop check-out counters, which negatively impact energy values of food and beverage.

Benefits of i9 informed water bottle

  • Cleans the unwanted memory held within the water of chemical, frequency & energy contamination, 
  • Revives water with positive information, without the use of chemicals,
  • Returns water to its natural state,
  • Effectively penetrates the cell membranes and promotes transport of essential nutrients,
  • Lowers genotoxic factor,
  • Increases energy bio-field,
  • Considerably increases biophotonic energy in water molecules,
  • Improves human energetic bio-field, 
  • Decreases stress factor,
  • Encourages self-cleansing capabilities,
  • Improves ability of cells to dispose of waste and toxins,
  • Makes water softer and more pleasant to drink,
  • Reduces sunburn effects,
  • Augments plant growth,
  • Plants are greener and bloom more,
  • Plants have more endurance so we can lower or even stop the use of compounds,
  • Works beneficially on pets and animals.

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